Accordionaires Accordion Club

History of the Accordionaires Orchestra

The Accordionaires was founded in 1996 by former members of FOTA (Friends of the Accordion). Within the next 18 months the first Accordionaires Ensemble was organized by Paul LaVoe and Pat Striplin. The original members of the group included Paul Carr, Woody Tracey, Joe Blasco, Bill Maxwell, Paul Scafeddi, Pat Striplin, Matt Jacobs and Paul LaVoe as the Director.

In November 1999 Paul LaVoe became seriously ill and Pat Striplin took over as director. Pat also served as Club President and newsletter editor.

In April of 2000, Tony Lovello performed for the Accordionaires as a guest artist. Carl and Janet Hane, two long time friends of Tony came for the event and later joined the Club. 2001 Carl Hane became Director and Janet Hane joined the ensemble as well.

Carl Hane passed away February 2004. Pat Striplin temporarily took the baton until Janet Hane became Director later that year. Since then the Ensemble has become the Accordionaires Orchestra with 20 performing members. From its inception to this day the group has been led by dedicated and dynamic Directors who have tirelessly showcased the Accordionaires musicians to the Club and our community.